78M6631 - Poly-phase 80515 SoC


  • 80515 MPU with 128KB Flash and 4KB RAM 
  • Six sensor inputs supporting 3-Phase Delta or Wye configuration
  • UART, I²C, SPI and up to 17 GPIO
  • 56-Pin TQFN package option


The 78M6631 is a highly integrated 3-phase power measurement and monitoring system-on-chip (SoC), with a 10MHz 8051-compatible MPU core and Single Converter Technology® containing a 22-bit delta sigma converter and 32-bit compute engine (CE). The 78M6631 has been designed specifically for a wide variety of applications requiring 3-phase power and quality measurements. It supports both Delta and Wye configurations.

At the measurement interface, the device provides six analog inputs including three differential current and three voltage for interfacing to current and voltage sensors. The device provides better than 0.5% accuracy over a wide 2000:1 dynamic range.
The integrated MPU core and 128 KB of flash memory provide a flexible means of configuration, postprocessing, data formatting, interfacing to host processor via a UART or SPI interface, or using DIO pins for LEDs or relay control. Complete firmware is available from Silergy and can be loaded into the IC during manufacturing test. Contact support.em@silergy.com to request additional information or to check availability.


  • Building Automation
  • Data Center, Telecom, Storage Power Supplies, and Power Distribution Units
  • Motor Health
  • Solar Inverters