The vacuum robot is composed of a control unit (MCU), various sensors, several motor drivers, as well as battery and power management functions.  Silergy can provide high-efficiency battery charge management, high-efficiency processor power tree, and motor drive solutions.

Sophisticated switching equipment need highly reliable, stable, always-on power.  Whether on the main board, line cards, protocol and timing modules Silergy's high-efficiency, high-current DC/DC and hot-swap solutions are ideal for use in high performance switching equipment.

Whether used for consumer or industrial equipment, small and medium power universal chargers extremely popular. The typical output voltages are 5V and 12V, at 1A, 2A and 3A. Silergy can provide flyback controller (primary side control) and secondary side rectifier for a variety of solutions. Many options are available to create efficient and compact universal chargers.

Many systems use high-capacity batteries to provide long battery run time. To meet the challenge of quickly charging high capacity batteries, Silergys has developed a rich product portfolio that includes flyback controllers (primary side control/secondary side control), secondary side rectifiers, and that also support many protocols such as QC2.0, QC3.0, ACF, PD3.0, etc. to design efficient, compact and fast charging solutions.

The Infotainment system integrates video, high performance audio, storage as well as a broad range of interfaces. Silergy's automotive grade products and reference designs provide small, efficient and quiet power solutions.

Widely used in smart home or buildings and handheld devices, IoT modules feature low energy consumption, yet require sophisticated power and data transmission design.  Silergy offers a wealth of low-power, low-EMI power management and protection solutions, as well as low-power wireless Bluetooth solutions for IoT modules.

In addition to high-accuracy power measurement, smart meters communicate with grid systems to optimize power control during peak usage, provide fault warning, detect tampering and can even detect the types of connected loads.  Powerline and RF communications are often included.  Silergy has broad line meter SoC for single and poly-phase systems, as well as AC/DC, low power DC/DC, battery management and LDO solutions available for metering applications.

Silergy's broad range of high-efficiency and high-reliability industrial grade products can meet most industrial applications, including that required by servo control of high performance NC and other servo control systems.

Human-Machine interface design is similar to that of consumer-level touch screens, the reliability of the specific chip, such as CPU and power supply, is required to be higher. Silergy can provide a wealth of high-efficiency, high-reliability industrial grade DC/DC, LCD bias, backlight drive and light sensing solutions.