Electricity Metering ICs

概 述

Highly integrated metering products feature a customer-programmable MPU core, RTC with battery backup, and a high-performance analog sensor interface combined with a dedicated 32-bit computation engine (CE) that handles all sample rate signal processing. With the provided CE binary files and reference MPU code, electricity meter vendors can design a wide range of single- and polyphase meter architectures using the same device platform.

These SoC metering products provide maximum design flexibility by incorporating a wide range of peripherals like LCD drivers, multiple UARTs, an IR interface, I2C, MICROWIRE™ master EEPROM interface, a number of configurable DIO pins, and in-system programmable flash memory. In addition, a complete set of ICE and development tools, programming libraries, and reference schematics enable rapid development and certification of TOU, AMR, and prepay meters that comply with worldwide electricity metering standards.

產 品

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Part NumberPhaseInternal Flash (KBytes) Internal RAM (KBytes) Analog InputSensor Inputs (Current+Voltage)MCU MIPSRTCLCD Driver Pixels (max) GPIOUARTsSPI PortPackage/PinsFeature/ Special Function
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71M61033P-------- --
71M61133P-------- --
71M62011P-------- --
71M62033P-------- --
71M65111P647Single-end2SE + 15YES128 (32x4)122-
71M6511H1P647Single-end2SE + 15YES128 (32x4)122-
71M65133P647Single-end3SE + 35YES168 (42x4)222-
71M6513H3P647Single-end3SE + 35YES168 (42x4)222-
71M6515H3P647Single-end3SE + 35YES-81-
71M6531D1P/2P1284Single-end2SE + 210YES156 (39x4)222YES
71M6531F1P/2P2564Single-end2SE + 210YES156 (39x4)222YES
71M6532D1P/2P1284Differential2D + 210YES268 (67x4)432YES
71M6532F1P/2P2564Differential2D + 210YES268 (67x4)432YES
71M65333P1284Differential4D + 310YES228 (57x4)392YES
71M6533H3P1284Differential4D + 310YES228 (57x4)392YES
71M65343P1284Differential4D + 310YES300 (75x4)522YES
71M6534H3P2564Differential4D + 310YES300 (75x4)522YES
71M6541D1P323Differential2DE + 1SE5Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6541DT1P323Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6541F1P645Differential2DE + 1SE5Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6541FT1P645Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6541G1P1285Differential2DE + 1SE5Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6541GT1P1285Differential2D + 15Yes222 (37x6)322YES
71M6542F1P/2P645Differential2DE + 2SE5Yes336 (56x6)512YES
71M6542FT1P/2P645Differential2D + 25YES336 (56x6)512YES
71M6542G1P/2P1285Differential2DE + 2SE5Yes336 (56x6)512YES
71M6542GT1P/2P1285Differential2D + 25YES336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543F3P645Differential4DE + 3SE5Yes336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543FT3P645Differential4D + 35YES336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543G3P1285Differential4DE + 3SE5Yes336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543GHT3P1285Differential4D + 35YES336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543GT3P1285Differential4D + 35YES336 (56x6)512YES
71M6543HT3P645Differential4D + 35Yes336 (56x6)512YES
71M65453P645Differential3DE/1SE + 3SE5Yes291YES
71M6545H3P645Differential3DE/1SE + 3SE5Yes291YES
71M6545HT3P645Differential4D + 35Yes-291YES
71M6545T3P645Differential4D + 35Yes-291YES
71M66011P-------- --
MAX710711P/3P00Differential2D--300 (50x6)700-
MAX71313L1P/2P648Differential2D + 210Yes156 (39x4) ,190 (38X5) ,222 (37x6)393YES
MAX71314C1P12821Differential2D/1SE + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4), 228 (6x38), 288 (8x36)544YES
MAX71314L1P/2P1288Differential2D + 210Yes156 (39x4) ,190 (38X5) ,222 (37x6)393YES
MAX71315C1P25621Differential2D/1SE + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4), 228 (6x38), 288 (8x36)544YES
MAX71315S1P25648Differential4D + 320Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885YES
MAX71316S1P51248Differential4D + 320Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885YES
MAX71334C3P12821Differential3DE/1SE + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4), 228 (6x38), 288 (8x36)524YES
MAX71335C3P25621Differential3DE/1SE + 3SE20Yes160 (40x4), 228 (6x38), 288 (8x36)524YES
MAX71335S3P25648Differential4D + 320Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885YES
MAX71336S3P51248Differential4D + 320Yes160 (40x4) ,228 (38x6) ,288 (36x8)885YES
SY7M0071P/3P001D + 1SQFN3x3-16cap. isolation interfaces
SY7M163G1P12821Differential2D/1SE + 3SE20YESN/A391YES
SY7T6251P/3PN/A10YesQFN5x5-324 cap. isolation interfaces