New Product

SY6827  - Dual Channel 6A, Ultra Low Loss Smart Bridge
SY8006  - High Efficiency 2.5-5.5Vin, 1A Synchrous Buck LED Driver
SY8710  - Buck-Boost 2A LED Lighting Driver
SY7220  - Step Up LED Driver with True PWM Dimming
SY8023  - 2.5-5.5Vin, Dual 3A Sync Buck
SY7388  - High Efficiency 2A Boost/Sepic Regulator with DC Input Current Limit
SY7290A  - High Efficiency 2A Boost/Sepic Regulator with Output Current Limit
SY7080  - High Efficiency, 0.9 min Vin, 2A Synchrous Boost Regulator
SY5803  - Single stage Buck-Boost PFC controller
SY5802  - Single Stage Flyback PFC Controller With Primary Side Regulation and PWM/Analog dimming
SY5800A  - Single Stage Flyback PFC Controller with PRC Control for LED Lighting