Energy Measurement ICs

概 述

For non-metering applications, Silergy offers turnkey solutions for minimizing the cost of development and ownership for embedded energy measurement. Our energy measurement processors are complete, autonomous measurement sub-systems in the form of an analog front end. Products incorporating a user programmable MPU allow users to integrate their own application into the measurement sub-system are also available. These products include user friendly API-based measurement libraries.

產 品

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Part NumberUser MPU CoreVsupply (V)Total Sensor InputsInternal Flash (KBytes) Internal RAM (KBytes) Slave Host Interface(s)Package/Pins
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78M6610+LMU-3.3481.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/24
78M6610+PSD3.3381.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/24 ,TSSOP/16
78M6610+PSU-3.3481.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/24 ,TSSOP/16
78M6612805153.34322UARTLQFP/64 ,SQFN/68
78M6618805153.3101284SPI ,UARTSQFN/68
78M6631805153.361284SPI ,UARTTQFN/56
MAX71020A-3.32-1SPITQFN/28 ,TSSOP/28
MAX78615+LMU-3.3481.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/24
MAX78615+PPM-3.3681.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/24
MAX78630+PPM-3.3681.5I2C ,SPI ,UARTTQFN/32
SY7T609+R13.3281.5SPI, UARTTSSOP/14
SY7T609+S13.3281.5SPI, UARTTSSOP/14