E-Bike Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) support the main compute board, the motor drivers and the battery management system (BMS). Whether combined into one assembly or distributed in multiple modules, these systems require a small area, multicell battery support, fast charging and excellent efficiency.  Silergys high voltage buck DC-DC, compact power switch, backup battery charging and DC motor drive devices can help to achieve a high-performance, cost-effective system solution.

Whether used in transportation, power tools or PV storage, industrial battery packs require an integrated battery management system (BMS) for safe, reliable and efficient operation. BMS typically include an accurate analog front end (AFE) data converters, interface and power management functions that can measure and control charge and discharge of the pack, as well as measure voltage, current and temperature. Silergy provides high-precision AFE solutions that support a high series cell count, and many high-efficiency power management solutions.

GPS trackers have become ubiquitous in transportation, logistics, field engineering survey, IoT and more. Often battery powered, these systems need high-accuracy, efficient and low noise power designs as well as battery charge and control. Silergy's extensive power management portfolio is ideal for designing GPS receivers.