Sustainable Product (clean technology) Strategy
Since its inception, Silergy Corp has focused on developing clean technology products and is committed to designing high efficiency power management chips with environmental protection and energy saving effects to provide customers with diverse and complete energy management solutions. Over the years, we have continued to refine our IC design capabilities and wafer and packaging processes to increase the power density of our latest products to more than four times that of our previous generation products, allowing consumer goods, communication, industrial and automotive products to be more compact and operate with the lowest power consumption, ultimately reducing carbon emissions.

In recent years, Silergy Corp. has introduced ultra-low static power consumption chips for the wearable market, which will turn off unnecessary function modules in the sleep state, achieving a minimum 0.4uA static operating current, effectively reducing the energy loss of wearable devices during standby state, and saving energy consumption.

For the future, Silergy Corp. commits to allocating at least 14% of its annual revenue for R&D to continuously optimize and develop more energy-efficient chips to help customers achieve their energy-saving carbon reduction goals.

The power management ICs of Silergy Corp. play an important role in climate action, as they are the primary key to improving the power saving efficiency of electronic facilities and products. We will continue to aim for more integrated and energy efficient IC design products to help companies in various industries achieve the goal of energy optimization management and realize the vision of carbon neutrality.