• 1500+
    Global Patents Awarded
  • 1
    First QR Flyback controller
  • 30%
    Annual growth rate of 30% in the past 10 years. It achieved close to USD 768M revenue in 2021
  • 14%
    Silergy Corp. commits to allocating at least 14% of its annual revenue for R&D
  • 938,494,250 NT$
    Capital NT$
  • 100%
    Since 2008, Silergy Corp. has launched an employee stocks incentive program, which is applicable to all employees
  • 253
    Recruited 253 people through multiple recruitment channels in 2020
  • 100%
    100% of employees have received corresponding education and training
  • 90%
    The latest employee satisfaction survey reached 90%
  • 5,781,661 NT$
    Employee health and safety-related expenditures in 2020(NT$)
  • 4,849
    In 2020, the total greenhouse gas emissions from the Hangzhou headquarters were 4,849 metric tons of CO₂e
  • 1
    We inspect the sewage in the headquarters building quarterly, clean the septic tank no less than twice a year, and discharge the kitchen wastewater to the sewage pipe after separating the oil from the grease trap to ensure that the standards are met before discharging to the municipal pipe
  • 34%
    The annual water saving is about 34%
  • 1
    For strong acid testing laboratories, we set up waste gas treatment equipment to prevent volatile gases from polluting the environment or generating odors to avoid pollution of the environment or odor nuisance to the public
  • 100%
    The solid waste recycling rate reached 100% in 2020
Consumer Electronics, Network Equipment, Security Monitoring, LED Lighting, Server, Automotive and Industrial Robots.
Building Automation
Consumer Electronic

In Silergy

Silergy Corp. was founded in 2008 and completed its IPO in 2013. By pursuing technology innovation and global expansion. Silergy has become the performance leader in the analog IC industry with an annual growth rate of over 30% in the past 10 years.

The main products include: DC/DC, AC/DC, PMIC, LED lighting, BMS, light sensor, motor driver, audio power amplifier, power module, protection switch, energy measurement, metering and signal chains solutions.

Silergy has the industry-leading process technology to design innovative mixed-signal and analog IC. Our products are widely used in automotive,industrial, consumer, computing and telecom equipment. We have always been committed to providing our customers with better performance and higher reliability analog IC.
Our Vision
Relying on technology innovation to produce analog ICs meeting highest efficiency requirements to reduce energy consumption and to be environmental friendly
Leading technology provider in the analog IC industry
Guiding Principle
Through integrity, creativity and continuous service, we are dedicated to providing our customers with ICs that offer high efficiency with cost savings, and the added value of our system-based design support