Stakeholder Engagement
Silergy Corp. attaches great importance to the diverse demands of stakeholders and establishes various communication channels to listen to their opinions regarding the company’s sustainable development. The company’s communication channels with stakeholders are as follows:
Methods of Stakeholder Communication
Key StakeholdersExpectations and ConcernsModes of Communication and Response
Shareholders and Investors

Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance

Stable Returns

Shareholders’ Meeting

Investment Conference Call

Domestic and International Meetings

Listed Company Information Disclosure

Telephone and Email Communication


Product Quality Assurance

Providing High-Quality Services

Customer Privacy Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Regular Visits

Technical Discussion Meetings

Customer Service Hotline


Safeguarding Legal Rights

Promoting Employee Growth and Development

Caring for Employee Well-being

Opinions, Complaints, and Feedback

Employee Training and Development

Support for Employees in Need

Suppliers and Partners

Responsible Procurement

Fairness and Transparency

Integrity and Commitment

Win-Win Collaboration

Tender Meetings

Supplier Training

Industry Forums


Addressing Climate Change

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

Implementation of Environmental Policies

Environmental Information Disclosure

Community Residents

Supporting Local Community Development

Engaging in Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Service

Community Activities

Public Communication

Social Organizations

Waste and Emission Management

Practicing Public Welfare and Charity

Social Welfare Support Projects

Social Public Welfare Projects


Transparent Information Disclosure

Strengthening Communication

Interviews with Journalists

Timely Disclosure of Information

Employee Contact:


Business Contact:

Email: (support for sales, quotation, order, etc.)

Email: (FAE technical support, product recommendation)

Investor Relations & Media Contact:


ESG Communication: