Quality & Reliability
Silergy has always been committed to providing customers with the world's best chip solutions. Providing efficient, high-performance, and highly reliable chips is our operating philosophy. Our quality team has always maintained close cooperation with customers, and quickly resolved quality-related issues by coordinating work and communicating with business departments, sales and manufacturing teams.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected by Silergy's strict quality policy.

Silergy first obtained the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Management System (ISO 9001) in 2010, and the latest version of the certificate is valid until April 27, 2025. In 2022, we also achieved the Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001:2015), with the certificate valid until January 13, 2025. We will continue to comply with the ISO requirements. At the same time, we have obtained RoHS/REACH and other certifications. We always put the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection throughout the entire life cycle of product research and development, production, service, and recycling, and strictly abide by various international and domestic environmental regulations to ensure the health of users.

The following are the channels for viewing and downloading various certificates. We will regularly update these general quality guidelines. They are applicable to Silergy's material handling, manufacturing process, testing, control, processing, storage, transportation, and delivery of Silergy products to customers. At the same time, you can get quick support from the quality team of Silergy at any time by contacting us.