Silergy Corp.
Silergy Corp. was founded in 2008 in the British Cayman Islands with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, U.S. and Hangzhou, China, and was listed in Taipei in 2013. Silergy Corp. is a professional IC design company, focusing on the R&D and design of analog ICs, with miniaturization, high efficiency and intelligence as its main anchors, and is committed to developing industry-leading products.

Silergy Corp. has been developing power management ICs for more than 10 years, and in recent years, has ventured into the field of electric vehicles, providing technical support and solutions for assisted driving, smart cockpit, and battery management; providing power management solutions for more than 80% of the world's notebook computers; providing battery management solutions for the world's top smartphones; providing screen backlight driver and sensor solutions for the widely used smart TV and smart home; and providing power configurations for communication base stations for 5G manufacturers.

The technology initiatives Silergy Corp. came up with in 2020 include: the industry's most integrated UHD TV panel power management chip, the industry's smallest QFN3x4 packaged 100W USB PD power selector switch chip, and the industry's most sensitive ambient light sensor chip with a human-eye like response spectrum.

Based on the innovative Virtual IDM platform model, Silergy Corp. has filed 1,969 patents and has received more than 1,600 patents.