In 2022, the global economy faced various impacts from natural disasters and many social and geopolitical changes, including frequent extreme weather and earthquakes, trade sanctions and decoupling, the Russia- Ukraine conflict, epidemic blockades, logistics bottlenecks, and inflation, resulting in expanded poverty, weak demand, supply shortages and industrial fluctuations, challenging the resilience and adaptability of corporate supply chains. In this context, all employees of Silergy Corp. condensed hearts to gather strength, forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude, and explore opportunities amid challenges, continuously invested in research and development and maintained resilience, and achieved a net revenue of NTD 23,511,086 thousand (a 9% annual growth). Simultaneously, we take proactive ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) actions in our operations and industry chain to support the sustainable development of industries and society.

Corporate Governance is a crucial element for the stable development of a company. Silergy Corp. always adheres to the operating philosophy of “Ethics, Innovation, and Sustainable Service”, continuously enhancing the corporate governance framework and internal control system, adheres to the red line of business ethics, strengthens the construction of a clean culture, respects and protects intellectual property rights of all parties. In 2022, the company reelected the board of directors and added a female director, strengthening the independence and diversity of board members.

Employees are the driving force behind the sustainable development and innovation of the company. Silergy Corp. values every employee, striving to provide a safe and healthy working environment, an inclusive and equitable workplace atmosphere, and competitive compensation and benefits. We aim to create a strong sense of cultural identity and emotional belonging within the “Employee Home” facilitating the realization of individual value and career development for employees. In 2022, we recruited 160 outstanding graduates and 184 experienced professionals worldwide, infusing fresh energy, enriching the diversity of our workforce, and contributing to local employment.

Green Low-Carbon is the important cornerstone for company to establish in the market and future. We have formulated the goals and action plans for “Emission Peak & Carbon Neutrality” with the aim of achieving Emission Peak by 2028 and Carbon Neutrality by 2040. We are committed to developing and supplying green energy- saving products that contribute to energy conservation and carbon reduction for users during their usage. In fields such as automotive, communication, computer, cloud computing, mobile phones, home appliances, lighting and so on, we have offered green and energy-efficient power conversion and management chips and solutions. Through technological innovation, we provide LED lighting driver chips, DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion chips that are globally leading in efficiency; Our high-precision energy management chip optimizes the power configuration of the system through intelligent algorithms, enabling the High-Performance Computing Systems in the Data Centers to meet the strictest energy consumption indicators, helping users save electricity and reduce costs.

Supply Chain Collaboration is an inevitable requirement for industry synergy and coexistence. Silergy Corp. always upholds responsible supply chain management and procurement, and works with industry partners to build a green, safe, and sustainable supply chain system. It takes labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, business ethics, and conflict minerals as important indicators for supplier selection and audit. We are committed to building a Full Supply Chain Continuity Management System from suppliers to Silergy Corp., and then to customers, practicing a global and diversified supply strategy, without relying on any exclusive suppliers or single regions, establishing long-term, continuous, and stable supply capabilities, ensuring the continuity of product and service delivery to customers.

Looking ahead, we will continue to improve our Corporate Governance, invest in ESG construction, establish a robust and lasting ESG operational framework, deepen practical actions on important ESG issues, steadily improve the company’s ESG management level and performance, uphold the concept of “Ethics, Innovation, and Sustainable Service”, and effectively fulfill the social responsibility of corporate citizens.