Silergy-National Engineering Pratice Education Center
cee     01.31.2013


Silergy Semiconductor Technology( Hangzhou) Co., LTD. is authorized as the national engineering pratice education center.

We believe in talent and we build the stage for more talented students, together we powering the future. 

Relate News

OCT 2012: Silergy attends the 2012 LED fair in Shanghai,China,

As the fastest-growing company in power industry in recent years, Silergy has gained international recognition as one of the world leaders of power IC technology. Especially in LED Driver, our products win the market with the highest efficiency and the lowest cost.



Silergy--- Advanced Technology Service Enterprise

As one of the  advanced technology service enterprises, Silergy will enjoy more country policy in the coming future.

We will take it as a great opportunity to make better products with the leading industry technology.


Silergy Won 2012 China LED innovative products & technology awards

Silergy LED lighting Ics won the 2012 China LED innovative products and techenology awards.


Silergy attends the 7th(NingBo) LED Seminar

Silergy attends the 7th(Ningbo) LED General IIIumination Driver Technology Seminar on May the 31th. Our Products attracted extensive attention among the industry engineers.


Silergy Attend the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


 As the honor exhibitor of  previous session, silergy got more attention in the 18th Guangzhou International lighting exhibition with many hot-opening new products. Customers inland and abroad show much interest in our products with high efficiency and low price. we provide the best solution at the lowest cost


Also President Chen of Silergy Corp has accept the interview of the CSA, and make a good show of our products.