71M6511 - Single-phase 80515 SoCs


    • Three sensor inputs
    • 80515 MPU with 64KB Flash, 7KB RAM
    • RTC, LCD Driver, UARTs, I2C, and up to 12 GPIO
    • 64-pin LQFP package option


The 71M6511 and 71M6511H are highly integrated SoCs with an MPU core, RTC, flash, and LCD driver.  Single Converter Technology® with a 21-bit, delta-sigma ADC provides three analog inputs. Digital temperature compensation, precision voltage reference, and 32-bit computation engine (CE) supports a wide range of single and polyphase metering applications with very few low-cost external components. A 32kHz crystal time base for the entire system and internal battery-backup support for RAM and RTC further reduce system cost.

Maximum design flexibility is supported with multiple UARTs, I²C, a power-fail comparator, a 5V LCD charge pump, up to 12 DIO pins, and an in-system programmable flash. The device is a standard (0.5%) accuracy version for multifunction residential/commercial meter applications requiring multiple voltage/current inputs and complex LCD or DIO configurations.
A complete array of ICE and development tools, programming libraries, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of meters that meet most demanding worldwide electricity metering standards.
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Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Meters