SY6370FDTC - Single-channel, Adjustable Voltage Monitor in Ultra-small Package


  • Adjustable Threshold Down to 500mV
  • Threshold Accuracy: 1% Over temperature
  • Capacitor-adjustable Delay Time
  • Low Quiescent Current: 9μA (typ.)
  • External Enable Input
  • Open Drain Output (Rated at 18V)
  • Compact Package Minimizes Board Space: DFN1.45mm×1.0mm - 6

Typical Application


The SY6370F device is a very small supervisory circuit that monitors voltage greater than 500mV with a 0.25% threshold accuracy and offer adjustable delay time using external capacitor. The SY6370F has a logic enable pin to power on and off the output.

The SY6370F operates from 1.7V to 6.5V and has a typical quiescent current of 9μA with an open drain output rated at 18V. The SY6370F is available in an ultra-small DFN package.


  • DSPs, Microcontrollers, and Microprocessors
  • Notebook and Desktop Computers
  • PDAs and Handheld Products
  • Portable and Battery-powered Products
  • FPGAs and ASICs