SSL4120T - Resonant power supply controller IC with PFC for LED lighting


This device is no longer available.  Please see the EOL notice.

  • Integrated PFC and HBC
  • Universal mains operation: 90 to 305 V
  • High efficiency due to valley/zero voltage switching
  • PFC in boundary mode operation with on-time control
  • HBC burst mode switching
  • Constant-current or constant-voltage configurations
  • Fully protected (OVP, SCP, OTP)
  • Dimmable
  • High efficiency for high-power lighting
  • Low THD and high PF to meet lighting regulations
  • Compact design
  • Cost-effective solution

Typical Application


This Greenchip solution, combining a PFC and an HBC, delivers high efficiency (>93%), low THD (<10%), and high PF (>0.97) in high-power LED applications from 75 to 400 W.


  • Indoor and outdoor high-power LED lighting
  • Office panel lighting
  • High-bay and low-bay lighting
  • Parking garages and area lighting
  • Street lighting