SY20075 -


·       Low RDS(ON) for Internal Switches (Top/Bottom):

o SY20075:180mΩ/120 mΩ1.5A

·       2.5-5.5V Input Voltage Range

·       1.5MHz Switching Frequency Minimizes the External Components

·       Internal Softstart Limits the Inrush Current

·       Power Good Indicator

·       100% Dropout Operation

·       RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

· Compact Package: SOT23 6Pin

Typical Application


The SY20075 is a high-efficiency 1.5MHz synchronous step-down DC-DC regulator IC capable of delivering up to1.5Aoutput current. It operates over a wide input voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V and integrates main switch and synchronous switch with very low RDS(ON) to minimize the conduction loss.

Low output voltage ripple and small external inductor and capacitor sizes are achieved with 1.5MHz switching frequency. This along with small SOT-23 footprint provides small PCB area application.


·       WiFi Card

·       Set Top Box

·       GPS

· Toy