SY6829PRC - Low On-Resistance, Over Voltage Protection Switch


  • 7V input surge voltage capability
  • Low RDS(ON): 96mΩ
  • 1A continuous load current capability
  • Precise clamping output voltage: 4.875V(±2.5%)
  • Independent ON/OFF control input
  • Ultra compact CSP0.79x0.79-4ball 0.3mm thick package
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

Typical Application


SY6829 integrates an ultra-low RDS (ON) switch with accurate over-voltage protection. It supports up to 7V input surge voltage. Linear mode will be activated to maintain the output voltage at target clamp voltage when the input voltage exceeds the target clamp voltage.  Thermal protection remains active in linear mode. The Power FET will be disabled when the thermal shutdown temperature is reached. When the temperature falls below 135°C, SY6829 restarts.


  • Smart Phone, Tablet PCs
  • MID, E-Book
  • Storage, DSLR, and Portable Devices