SY6897ATLC - 2.5V to 16V Protection Switch with Blocking FET Control


  • 2.5V to 16V Input Voltage Range
  • Extremely Low Power Path Resistance RDS(ON)=30mΩ Typical
  • Open Drain Indicator Pin for Operation Status
  • 1A to 5A Current Limit
  • ±10% ILIMIT Accuracy at 3A
  • Programmable OUT Slew Rate
  • Built-in Thermal Shutdown
  • Small Foot Print –QFN (2mm×2mm)

Typical Application


The eFuse SY6897A is a highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a tiny package. The device uses few external components and provides multiple protection modes. It is a robust defense against overload, short circuit, excessive inrush current.
Extremely low power path resistance RDS(ON) helps to reduce power loss during the normal operation. An open drain indicator pin is opened to show the operation status of device. It integrates the over-temperature protection and auto-recovery with hysteresis to protect against over current events.
Current limit level can be set with a single external resistor. Application with particular voltage ramp requirement can set SST pin with a single capacitor to ensure proper output ramp rates. An external NFET can be connected “Back to Back (B2B)” with the SY6897A output and the driven by BFET to prevent current flow from load to source when shutdown.
The SY6897A adopts compacted QFN2x2-12 footprint.


  • Power Bank
  • LCD Panel
  • HDD and SSD Drives
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Servers / AUX Supplies
  • Fan Control
  • PCI/PCIe Cards
  • Adapter Powered Devices