SY7706 - 6-string LED Driver with Build-in Boost Regulator


  • 1MHz fixed switching frequency
  • Integrated loop compensation
  • Drive up to 6 strings of LEDs with up to 10 LED per string
  • Minimum on time: 80ns typical
  • Minimum off time: 100ns typical
  • Over voltage protection
  • Low Rdson of internal boost switch: 200mohm
  • 10000:1 PWM brightness control at 200Hz
  • Dimming Frequency: 100Hz~30kHz
  • +/-2% current matching among strings guaranteed for above 10% dimming level
  • Programmable LED current: up to 30mA per string. +/-3% accuracy
  • Internal softstart
  • Compact packages: QFN3x3-16


SY7706 develops a high efficiency boost regulator with six matching current source to drive up to six strings of white LEDs in the backlight applications of LCD panels.
The device operates over a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 24V. SY7706 has a fixed switching frequency of 1MHz. The LED current can be programmed from 10mA to 30mA. SY7706 also integrates PWM dimming function for the accurate LED current control.
The SY7706 is available in QFN3x3-16 package.


  • Notebook panel backlight
  • TV Panel Backlight