Featuring computing power over portability, workstations and desktop computer designs share many of the same design challenges as notebooks.  Silergy's high-power and high-efficiency AC/DC, low-voltage and high-current DC/DC, display power, audio amplifier and interface protection devices are well suited to all desktop computing designs.

Enterprise SSD have even higher power requirements than the typical client SSD, and add considerable fault and run time protections. Silergy's PMIC, power loss protection and power management devices ensure high performance and robust data loss protection.

Stable and reliable communications equipment design starts with stable, reliable and always-on power design. Silergy's high-reliability and highly integrated isolated DC/DC controller solutions ensure the safe and reliable operation of the communication systems.

Sophisticated power management has greatly improved the efficient and performance of home and commercial air conditioners.  Silergy offers highly reliable AC/DC, DC/DC, display and motor driver solutions to optimize the cost and efficiency of modern air conditioner design.