71M6201 - Remote 1x ADCs


  • Isolated 22-Bit ADC for select Silergy host SoCs
  • Pulse transformer based isolation interface for power, data, and timing
  • Enables shunt replacement for CTs in poly-phase meters
  • 8-pin SOIC package option


The 71M6xxx isolated sensor ICs enable 4th-generation 71M654x systems-on-chips (SoCs) to use nonisolating sensors such as resistive shunts without the need for costly and nonlinear isolation transformers or CTs. Isolation is provided by low-cost pulse transformers that form a bidirectional digital communication link between the 71M654x and the isolated sensor ICs.

The 71M6xxx isolated sensor ICs contain a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, an amplifier with differential inputs, a precision voltage reference, a temperature sensor, and a supply voltage generator that is energized by power pulses provided by the 71M654x.  In conjunction with the 71M654x metering SoCs, the isolated sensor ICs offer unprecedented BOM cost reduction, immunity to magnetic tampering, and enhanced reliability for single-phase and polyphase applications.
These metering SoCs operate over the industrial temperature range and are available in an 8-pin lead(Pb)-free SO package.  Contact support.metering@silergy.com to request additional information or to check availability.


Electricity Meters