71M6543F - Poly-phase 80515 SoCs


  • 0515 MPU with up to 64KB Flash and 5KB RAM
  • RTC, LCD Driver, SPI, I2C, and up to 51 GPIO
  • Up to seven (7) sensor inputs
  • 64-pin and 100-pin LQFP options


The 71M6543F/71M6543G are 4th-generation polyphase metering systems-on-chips (SoCs) with a 5MHz 8051-compatible MPU core, low-power real-time clock (RTC) with digital temperature compensation, flash memory, and LCD driver. Our Single Converter Technology® with a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, seven analog inputs, digital metrology temperature compensation, precision voltage reference, and a 32-bit computation engine (CE) supports a wide range of metering applications with very few external components.

The 71M6543F/71M6543G support optional interfaces to the 71M6xx3 series of isolated sensors that offer BOM cost reduction, immunity to magnetic tamper, and enhanced reliability. The ICs feature ultra-low-power operation in active and battery modes, 5KB shared RAM, and 64KB (71M6543F) or 128KB (71M6543G) of flash memory, which can be programmed with code and/or data during meter operation.  A complete array of code development tools, demonstration code, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of meters that meet all ANSI and IEC electricity metering standards worldwide.


  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Energy Meters
  • High-End Residential Meters, AMR/AMI, and TOU