78M6618 - Power distribution 80515 SoC


  • Ten sensor inputs for monitoring up to 8 circuits or loads
  • 80515 MPU with 128KB Flash and 4KB RAM
  • UART, SPI slave, and GPIO
  • 68-pin QFN package option


The 78M6618 is a highly integrated, single-phase, eight-outlet, PDU power measurement and monitoring SoC that includes a 32-bit computer engine (CE), an MPU core, RTC, and flash. Teridian's Single Converter Technology® with a 22-bit, delta-sigma ADC; 10 analog inputs; digital temperature compensation; and precision voltage reference supports a wide range of single-phase PDU metering applications with very few external components.

With measurement technology leveraged from Teridian's flagship utility metering ICs, the device offers features including 128KB of flash program memory, 4KB shared RAM, three low-power modes with internal timer or external event wake-up, two UARTs, I²C/MICROWIRE™ EEPROM I/F, SPI™ I/F, and an in-system programmable flash.
A complete array of ICE and development tools, programming libraries, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of power and energy measurement devices that meet most demanding worldwide electricity metering standards. Contact support.em@silergy.com to request additional information or to check availability.


  • Commercial Power Distribution Units
  • Consumer Power Distribution Units
  • Subpanels