MAX71313L - Single-phase MAXQ30 SoCs


  • Single ADC Offers High-Accuracy Performance and Cost-Effective Solution
    • Supports Up to 5 Multiplexed Inputs
    • 0.1% (typ) Wh Accuracy over 2000:1 Current Range
  • Dual-Core Architecture Improves System Performance
    • Dedicated 32-bit DSP Core for High-Rate Metrology Processing
    • MAXQ30 32-Bit RISC MPU, 10 MIPS (at 10MHz)
  • Highly Integrated Product Features and Flexible Peripherals Support Broad Application Needs
    • 128KB (M1) or 64KB (M1L) Flash, 8KB SRAM
    • Supports Current Transformers or Shunts for Current Measurement
    • RTC with Hardware Temperature Compensation
    • Digital Temperature Compensation for Metrology
    • 45Hz to 65Hz Line Frequency Range
    • Phase Compensation (10)
    • Four Pulse Outputs
    • LCD Controller Supports Up to 39 Segment Drivers and Up to Six Common Planes
    • Two PWM Channels with Programmable Frequency, Duty Cycle, Ramp Time
    • Five General-Purpose Timers
    • Touch Switch Input
    • SPI (Master and Slave)
    • I2C (Master and Slave)
    • 3x UARTs (One with Optical Encoder)
  • Small 64-Pin LQFP Package Saves Board Space
  • Low-Power Operation Extends Battery Life
    • Enables Metering Mode Operation During Neutral Disconnect Tampering
    • 5.6mA Consumption at 3.3V in Typical Metering Mode
    • 1.6mA Typical Current Consumption at 3.3V in Low-Power Metering Mode
    • 1.75µA Typical Sleep Mode Current


The ZON™ M1L (MAX71313L) and M1 (MAX71314L) electricity meter systems-on-chip (SoC) integrate dual 32-bit processors for demanding single-phase metering applications with 128KB or 64KB flash, 8KB RAM, and a single-cycle 32 x 32 + 64 multiplier. A low-power metering mode allows metering in the presence of neutral disconnect tampering. The low-power, dedicated compute engine (CE) handles high-rate metrology processing and a 32-bit MAXQ30 MPU core handles other application functions including communications and display control.


Residential Meters