SY20716D1PPC - High Integrated 1-Cell Switching Charger With USB Compliance and USB-OTG Function


  • High Integrated and High Efficiency
  • Up to 1.25A Charge Current (68mΩ RSENSE)
  • Up to 1.55A Charge Current (55mΩ RSENSE)
  • Up to 18V Absolute Maximum Input Voltage
  • 6V Maximum Operating Input Voltage
  • Adaptive Input Current Limit
  • ±5% Input Current Limit Accuracy@500mA
  • ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
  • ±3.5% Charge Current Accuracy when ICHG Higher than 550mA
  • I2C Controls(up to 3.4Mbps)
-- Battery Charge Voltage (3.5V – 4.44V)
-- Battery Charge Current (550mA – 1.25A)
-- Termination Current (50mA – 400mA)
-- Battery Weak Voltage (3.4V – 3.7V)
-- Input Current Limit
-- VBUS Threshold for Adaptive Input Current
-- Low Charge Current Mode Enable and Disable
-- Termination Enable and Disable
  • Integrated Loop Compensation
  • Internal Soft-start
  • Bad adapter Detection and Rejection
  • 3MHz Frequency PWM
  • Automatic High Impedance Mode for Low Power Consumption
  • 5V, Boost Mode for USB OTG
  • CSP1.93x2.05-20 Package
  • Spread Spectrum Frequency Control for Improved EMI Performance

Typical Application


SY20716D1 is a high efficiency Buck mode switching charger for 1-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery. The SY20716D1 provides a high integrated solution for the portable device. It integrates the blocking FET, the power FETs, the input current sensing circuits and the charger controller. It is fully USB compliant to minimize the charging time when it is supplied from a USB port. SY20716D1 also support USB OTG with the integrated Boost regulator.
Three internal DACs are used as the reference of battery voltage and battery charge current and adapter input current limit, and programmed by host using I2C. The adaptive input current limit allows the maximum charge current to minimize the charge time and keep the input supply from being overloaded.
The SY20716D1 is available in CSP1.93x2.05-20 package to allow small PCB footprint.


  • PADs
  • Smart Phones
  • Portable Equipment with Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Back-up Systems