SY20762E1QDC - High Efficiency, 2A, Two-Cell Boost Li-Ion Battery Charger


  • Low Profile QFN3x3 Package
  • Integrated Synchronous Boost with 18V Rating Low RDSON FETs for High Charge Efficiency
  • Trickle Current / Constant Current / Constant Voltage Charge Mode
  • Programmable Input Voltage Threshold for Adaptive Current Limit.
  • Maximum2AConstant Charge Current
  • Charge Current Information Indication.
  • Programmable Charge Timeout
  • Programmable Constant Charge Current
  • Selectable Constant Voltage
  • ±0.5% Battery Voltage Accuracy
  • Thermal Regulation Protection
  • External Shutdown Function
  • Input Voltage UVLO and OVP
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Charge Status Indication
  • Normal Synchronous Boost Operation When Battery Removed

Typical Application


SY20762E1 is a 3.6-5.5VIN,2A two-cell synchronous boost Li-Ion battery charger integrates 1MHz switching frequency and full protection functions. The charge current up to 2A can be programmed by using the external resistor for different portable applications and indicates the charger current information simultaneous. It also has a programmable charge timeout for safety battery charge operation and a programmable input voltage threshold for adaptive input current limit. SY20762E1 can disconnect output when there is output short circuit or shutdown happens. It consists of 18V rating FETs with extremely low ON resistance to achieve high charge efficiency and simple peripheral circuit design.

SY20762E1 along with small QFN3x3 footprint provides small PCB area application.


  • Cellular Telephones, PDA, MP3 Players, MP4 Players
  • Digital Cameras
  • Bluetooth Applications
  • PSP Game Players, NDS Game Players
  • Notebook