SY21282QDC -


·           Synchronous Rectification for High Efficiency

·           Low RDS(ON) Internal Switch

o           Main FET:80mΩ

o           Rectifier FET:40mΩ

o           Disconnection FET:40mΩ

·           Programmable Output Current Limit

·           Enable Control

·           Input Voltage UVLO

·           Output Over Voltage Protection

·           Over Temperature Protection

·           Pseudo-constant Frequency:1MHz

·           Output Short Circuit Protection

·           Power Good Indicator

·           True Shutdown Function

·           Compact Package QFN3x3-16

Typical Application


SY21282 develops a high efficiency synchronous Boost regulator with programmable output current limit. The device adopts adaptive constant off time and current mode control. The integrated low RDS(ON) switches minimize the conduction loss.

SY21282 features cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, output short circuit protection and true shutdown. The device also provides enable control and power good indicator for system sequence control. Low output voltage ripple and small external inductor and capacitor size are achieved with 1MHz pseudo-constant frequency.


·           Power Bank

·           High Power Application

·           SSD