SY22650BFAC - Single Stage Flyback and PFC Controller with CV Control


  • Primary Side CV Control Eliminates the Opto-coupler
  • Valley Turn-on of the Primary MOSFET to Achieve Low Switching Losses
  • Internal High Current MOSFET Driver: 0.1A  Sourcing and 0.5A Sinking
  • Power Factor >0.90 with Single-stage Conversion
  • Maximum Switching Frequency Limitation 100kHz
  • Output Current Limit, about 1.2 Times the Rated Current
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


SY22650B is a single stage Flyback and PFC controller targeting at Constant Voltage (CV) applications. Primary side control is applied to reduce the feedback circuit cost. It drives the Flyback converter in the Quasi-Resonant mode for high efficiency and achieves high power factor by constant on time control scheme. Adaptive PWM/PFM control is adopted for highest average efficiency.


  • AC/DC Adapters
  • BatteryChargers
  • LED Lighting