SY22651ZFAC - DC/DC Buck Controller For LED Dimming Lighting


  • Linear Dimming Curve.
  • Dimming Range from 2.5% to 100.0%.
  • CV Mode for Bias Supply when PWM=0%
  • Valley Turn-on to Achieve Low Switching Losses
  • Single Winding Inductor with Floating Topology
  • 200mA  Sourcing Current and 600mA Sinking Current Drive Capability
  • Low Start up Current: 34μA typical
  • Reliable Short LED and Open LED Protection 
  • Reliable Short ISEN Resistor Protection 
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


The SY22651Z is a DC/DC Buck controller targeting at LED lighting applications with analog dimming. It adopts the proprietary control architecture to achieve an accurate regulation of LED current and Quasi-Resonant valley turn-on high efficiency operation. 
The SY22651Z supports analog dimming function and it has a linear dimming curve.  
It integrates open/short LED protection and eliminates the auxiliary winding with floating topology, thus minimizing the component count and board size.


  • LED Dimming