SY22669FAC - Single Stage Buck PFC LED Driver Dimmable, High PF and Low BOM Cost


  • Compatible with Leading Edge/Trailing Edge Dimmer
  • High PF without Any Dimmer
  • 350V MOSFET Integrated
  • Quasi-Resonant Operation
  • Reliable Open/Short LED Protection
  • Thermal Fold Back
  • Low BOM Cost
  • Maximum Output Power:18W
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


SY22669 is a single-stage Buck PFC driver for LED lighting applications. Good compatibility is achieved with Leading/Trailing edge dimmer and high PF is achieved without any dimmer.

SY22669 drives the converter in Quasi-Resonant mode to achieve high efficiency. Reliable Open/Short LED protections are integrated.

SY22669 integrates high voltage power FET inside to save driver space further.

SY22669 is available in SO8 package.


  • LED Lighting
  • Leading Edge Dimming
  • Trailing Edge Dimming