SY22698FCC - High Efficiency Linear AC/DC Driver With Integrated 500V MOSFET


  • Integrated 500V MOSFET
  • Power Factor >0.5 or >0.7
  • Up to 88% High Efficiency
  • ±3% Output Current Precision
  • SMT Assembly
  • Eliminate Magnetic Components
  • Adjustable Thermal Fold Back
  • Compact Package: SO8E

Typical Application


The SY22698 is a linear AC/DC driver with integrated 500V MOSFET. Constant current control leads to good line regulation and load regulation. The patented technique is used to achieve high efficiency and high power factor. Multi-chip in parallel is available for higher output current application. The compact package and less peripheral components make it available for small structure lamps application.


  • LED Lighting