MAX71315C - Single/Poly-phase MAXQ30 SoCs


  • Advanced Metrology
• Up to seven (7-Poly-phase), four (4-Single/Two-phase) metrology channels
• 0.1% typical accuracy over 5000:1 current range
• Integrated ADCs support current transformers, Rogowski coils, and Shunts

• Three remote ADC interfaces for current sensing with remote shunts

  • Dedicated RTC circuit, ensures accurate timekeeping

  • Integrated security engine
• AES-128/192/256, and AES-GCM-128
• True random number generator
• 3DES
• On-Chip CE-OnGuard, protects metering operations from unauthorized access
• Supports Welmec/MID

  • Highly integrated product features and flexible peripherals support broad application needs
• Low-Power ADC for environmental monitoring
• LCD controller supporting up to eight (8) common planes: 8x36 / 6x38 / 4x40
• Up to 52 (ZON P3S/P3SL) or 54 (ZON M3S/M3SL) GPIO pins

• SPI (Master and Slave), Master I2C, 4-UARTs

• Two (2)- smart card ports, two (2)-touch switch inputs

• 38kHz IR Encoder/Decoder
• Single-Cycle 32x32 + 64 Multiply-Accumulate unit

  • Configurable Operation Modes
• 1.6μA SLP Mode (VBAT_RTC)
• 14.6μA LCD Mode (VBAT_RTC and VBAT)
• 1KB NVRAM in SLP Mode, Optional 8KB NVRAM
Backup in LCD Mode (with VBAT active)


The ZON™ M3S/M3SL and P3S/P3SL (MAX71315C/MAX71314C and MAX71335C/MAX71334C) integrate dual 32-bit processors and security engines for demanding single phase (MAX71315C/MAX71314C) and poly-phase (MAX71335C/MAX71334C) metering applications with up to 256KB flash, 21KB RAM, and a single-cycle 32x32 + 64 multiplier. The application processor (MPU) is a 32-bit MAXQ®30 core. The metrology processor (or Compute Engine, CE) is a 32-bit fixed-point processor dedicated to computing the metering parameters from voltage and current samples. The integrated security engines (AES-128/192/256, AES-GCM-128, DES, TRNG) provide fast data encryption and decryption for secure smart grid communications. Integrated 38kHz encoding and decoding functions saves BOM cost and reduces board space. Two touch switch pins enable capacitive touch detection.

The device family also integrates all the essential metering function blocks: LCD controller supporting up to 8 common planes with a maximum of 288 segments, real-time-clock (RTC) with automatic temperature compensation, and multiple serial communication ports (UART, I2C, and SPI).


  • Single or Poly-phase AMI Metering
  • Energy Monitoring