MAX78630+PPM - Poly-phase measurement processor


  • 24-Bit Measurement Processor
  • Six sensor inputs
  • UART, I²C, SPI and configurable DIO
  • 32-pin TQFN options


The MAX78630 is a measurement processor for polyphase power-monitoring systems. It is designed for real-time monitoring for a variety of typical three-phase configurations in industrial applications. It is available in a 32-pin TQFN package and provides up to six analog inputs for interfacing to voltage and current sensors. Scaled voltages from the sensors are fed to the single converter front-end using a high-resolution delta-sigma converter. Supported current sensors include current transformers (CTs), Rogowski coils, and resistive shunts.

An embedded 24-bit measurement processor and firmware perform all necessary computations and data formatting for accurate reporting to the host. With integrated flash memory for storing nonvolatile calibration coefficients and device configuration settings, the MAX78630 is capable of being a completely autonomous solution.  The MAX78630 is designed to interface to the host processor via the UART interface. Alternatively, SPI or I2C can also be used.
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  • Inverters and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Building Automation Systems (Commercial, Industrial)