SSL2109T - Compact non-dimmable LED controller IC


  • This device is no longer available.  Please see the EOL notice.
  • Flyback or Buck controller-only with external MOSFET
  • Power-efficient boundary conduction mode
  • Tight LED current regulation: better than 5%
  • Direct PWM dimming possible
  • Fast transient response via cycle-by-cycle control
  • No need for binning on LED forward voltage
  • Full set of internal protections
  • Simple design-in
  • Support for high power factor (>0.9) and universal mains
  • High efficiency: up to 95% measured on reference board
  • Low bill of materials: only 14 components for full application
  • Easy, low-cost manufacturing at high volumes
  • High reliability: IC lifetime easily matches or surpasses LED lamp lifetime

Typical Application


The SSL2109T, a controller-only device used to drive an external switch, is for applications up to 25 W (external MOSFET selection enables flexibility on efficiency and system cost) and extends the feature set with high power factor (>0.9), universal mains, and isolated topologies.


  • Retrofit LED lamps
  • Driver modules for LED lighting