SSL2129AT - Dimmable LED controller IC



  • Superb mains-dimmable LED driver solution (both leading and trailing edge phase cut dimmers)
  • Flyback or buck controller-only with external MOSFET
  • Supports tapped-buck topologies to extend the Vf LED range
  • Power-efficient boundary conduction mode
  • Start-up JFET
  • High power factor (>0.9)
  • Full range of internal protections
  • Compatible with wall switches with built-in indication light during standby
  • “A” versions without short winding protection
  • Benchmark dimmer compatibility per watt
  • Compact, single-stage LED driver solution lowers eBOM cost
  • Optimized, high-efficiency operation improves total lumen output per watt, lowering energy consumption further

Typical Application


  The Silergy SSL2129AT is a high-efficiency controller IC for superior dimmable LED lighting solutions that typically operates in the lamp power range of 4 to 25 W. The straightforward design produces a cost-effective yet compact application, suitable for use with GU10 and PAR16 formats. A low-cost bipolar bleeder circuit supports a best-in-class dimmer compatibility performance for mainstream, single-stage LED driver applications. The SSL2129AT can be configured in either buck (non-isolated) or flyback (isolated) topologies at mains supply voltages of 100 to 120 V or  230 V.



  • Dimmable retrofit LED lamps
  • Dimmable driver modules for LED lighting