SSL5235TE - Compact high power factor dimmable LED driver IC with integrated 550 V, 5 Ω Mosfet (v1)


This device is no longer available.  Please see the EOL notice.

  • Supports majority of available dimming solutions
  • Deep dimming level
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Low electronic Bill Of Materials (BOM) ensuring a compact solution and small, single layer Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) footprint
  • Buck-boost driver with integrated 550 V, 5 Ω Mosfet
  • Excellent line regulation and load regulation and good LED output current accuracy
  • Efficient BCM operation with:
    • No reverse recovery losses in freewheel diode
    • Zero Current Switching (ZCS) and Valley switching
    • Minimum inductance value and size required
    • High efficiency (up to 90 %)
    • Ultra low IC current during operation (< 150 μA)
  • Many auto-recovery protections:
    • UnderVoltage LockOut (UVLO)
    • Cycle-by-cycle OverCurrent Protection (OCP)
    • Internal OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
    • Output OverVoltage Protection (OVP)
  • Output Short Protection (OSP)


The SSL5235TE is part of a new range of LED driver ICs for non–isolated, dimmable (phase cut dimmable or with a control input signal) LED solutions. Complementing NXP’s broad GreenChip SSL family of products, the new IC supports LED lighting applications ranging from 5W lamp power like Candela shape up to 25W lamp power like integrated Fixtures/Luminaires, TLED and PAR lamp shapes.


  • Low cost mains dimmable, non-isolated retrofit LED lamps up to 10 W (120 V)
  • Low cost mains dimmable, non-isolated driver modules for LED lighting up to 10 W (120 V)