SY20418AAHC -


·       0.7V Minimum input voltage

·       7uA typical quiescent current

·       Input under-voltage lockout

·       Pass-through function during shutdown

·       Low RDS(ON) (main switch/synchronous switch) at output: 0.4/0.5Ω

·       Fixed 5V output voltage

·       Typical 350mA peak current limit

·       Compact SOT-363(SC70) package.

Typical Application


SY20418A is a high efficiency, synchronous, current hysteresis control; step-up boost converter designed for single-cell or dual-cell alkaline, NiMH, or NiCd battery-powered applications. It can convert down to 0.7V input voltage. It adopts NMOS for the main switch and PMOS for the synchronous switch.


·       Battery powered applications

·       Consumer and portable medical products

·       Personal care products

·       Smart phones

·       White or status LEDs