SY21238ABC - Low Noise High Efficiency 850kHz, 2A Step Up Regulator with Accurate Input Current Limit


  • Input Range: 3.5-30V
  • 850kHz Switching Frequency with Frequency Jittering
  • Minimum ON Time: 100ns Typical
  • Minimum OFF Time: 100ns Typical
  • Optional Input Overvoltage Protection
  • Low RDSON: 200mΩ
  • RoHS Compliant And Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SOT23-6

Typical Application


SY21238 is a current mode control DC to DC regulator with accurate input average current limit. The device can be used in both Boost and Sepic applications. The high efficiency is achieved with low RDS(ON) internal switch. The frequency jittering feature improves the EMI performance.


  • GPS Navigation Systems
  • Handheld Devices
  • Portable Media Player