SY21262QCC -


·         4.5V to 18V input voltage range

·         12A synchronous buck regulator:

o    Low RDS(ON) for internal switches (Top FET/Bottom FET): 18/6 mΩ

o    12.0A output current capability

o    Instant PWM architecture to achieve fast transient responses

o    200kHz~1MHz programmable switching frequency

o    0.6V+/-1% feedback reference voltage

o    Enable control

o    Power good indicator

o    Adjustable soft-start time

o    PFM/PWM mode selection

o    Cycle-by-cycle current limit protection

o    Output short circuit protection

o    Output over voltage protection

o    Hic-cup protection mode

·         Thermal shutdown with auto recovery

·         Input UVLO

·         RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

·         Compact package: QFN4x4-24

Typical Application


SY21262 develops a high efficiency synchronous buck regulator capable of delivering 12A output current. The device operates over a wide input voltage range from 4.5V to 18V. SY21262 adopts instant PWM architecture to achieve fast transient response.

SY21262 features enable control, open drain power good indicator, cycle-by-cycle current limit, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown.

SY21262 provides compact solution for TCON power system. It is available in a QFN4x4-24 package.


·         TCON Power System

·         FRC Power

·         Mobile Handsets

·         Portable Applications