SY21314DBC -


·       Wide Input Range: 3-33V

·       Maximum Output Voltage: 33V

·       1MHz Switching Frequency

·       Integrated120 mΩ RDS(ON) Switch with 4A Peak Current Capability

·       Internal Soft-start

·       0.6V±2% Reference Voltage

·       Cycle-by-cycle Peak Current Limit

·       Over Temperature Protection

·       RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

·       Compact Package: DFN3×3-10

Typical Application


The SY21314 is a high efficiency, current-mode control Boost regulator. The device integrates a 120mΩ low RDS(ON) N-channel MOSFET for high efficiency. The fixed 1MHz switching frequency and internal compensation reduce external components size and count. The build-in internal soft start circuitry minimizes the inrush current at start-up.

The SY21314 is available in compact DFN3×3-10 package.


·      Portable Device

·      BatteryPowered System

·      Networking cards powered from PCI or PCI-express slots