SY21611FHC - Dual H-bridge Stepper Motor Driver IC


  • Power Supply Voltage Range from 2.5V to 16V
  • Maximum Drive Current of 800mA RMS Current for Each H-bridge
  • Dual H-bridge Motor Driver
  • Internal Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Under Voltage Lockout and Thermal Shutdown
  • Low-power Standby Mode
  • SSOP10 Package

Typical Application


The SY21611 is a dual H-bridge motor driver solution for DC brush motors, bipolar stepper motors, solenoids, or other inductive loads. The highly integrated H-bridge driver block consists of two H-bridges with internal logic control, gate driver, over current protection and charge pump circuit.
The SY21611 provides complete protection functions with a fault output pin for over current protection, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. A low-power standby mode is also provided. The device is packaged in a 10-pin SSOP package.


  • Refrigerators
  • Stepper Motors