SY21634FCC - Medium Voltage H-Bridge IC


  • Power Supply Voltage Range from 5V to 40V
  • 3.6A Maximum Drive Current
  • H-bridge Motor Driver
  • PWM Interface
  • Low Power Standby Mode with Less than 15µA Supply Current
  • Internal Over Current Protection, Under Voltage Lockout and Thermal Shutdown
  • Automatic Fault Recovery
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Compact Package: SO8E

Typical Application


The SY21634 is a H-bridge motor driver solution for motion-control applications. The highly integrated H-bridge driver block consists of two half-bridges with internal logic control, gate drive, over current protection and charge pump circuit.

The SY21634 operates with a power-supply voltage range from 5V to 40V, and 3.6A maximum output current. To be compatible with industry-standard devices, the SY21634 uses the PWM input interface. The SY21634 also provides over current protection, under voltage lockout and thermal shutdown protection. The device is packaged in SO8E.


  • Consumer Products
  • Robotics