SY22603AJAC - Adaptive LED Current Filter For LED Lighting


  • Current Filter for Single Stage LED Driver to Eliminate Current Ripple
  • Proprietary Scheme for Low Power Loss ≤2.5%
  • Adaptive for Wide Output Speculation:
Output Voltage Range from 20V to 65V
Output Current Range from 0.25A to 1.2A
  • Open LED Protection and Short LED Protection
  • Reliable Short LED and Open LED Protection
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: TO252-3

Typical Application


The SY22603A is an adaptive linear current regulator to eliminate low frequency current ripple targeting at LED lighting applications.

It is applied as a current filter to the output of a LED driver, especially single stage LED driver. It adopts adaptive control scheme and no additional electrical design is needed.

Reliable open/short LED protection and over thermal protection are all provided.


  • LED Lighting