SY22639AFCC - Linear PWM Dimming Controller, Compatible with 230VAC/240VAC TRIAC dimmer, High Efficiency, PF>0.7


Analog Dimming Available
Compatible with 230VAC/240VAC TRIAC Dimmer
Integrate 500V Main MOS and 650V Bleeder MOS
Lower than 1% Deep Dimming Level
Latching Current is Adjustable
Special Low Power Loss Control
High PF: PF>0.7
No Magnetic Components and Support all Components Surface Mounted
RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
Compact Package: SO8E

Typical Application


SY22639A is a linear AC/DC driver with integrated power MOSFET and bleeding MOSFET for LED lighting. It uses special technology to achieve high PF and efficiency performance. Special logic functions are added to achieve good compatibility with TRIAC dimmer.


  • LED Lighting