SY22652ZFAC - DC/DC Flyback Controller with Primary Side Control for LED Lighting and Analog Dimming mode


  • 2.5%~100.0% Dimming Range.
  • CV Mode for Bias Supply when PWM=0.0%.
  • Primary Side Control Eliminates the Opto-coupler.
  • Valley Turn-on of the Primary MOSFET to Achieve Low Switching Losses
  • 200mA  Sourcing Current and 600mA Sinking Current Drive Capability
  • Low Start up Current: 34μA Typical
  • Reliable Short LED and Open LED Protection 
  • Low Power Frequency Ripple
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


The SY22652Z is a DC/DC controller targeting at LED Dimming applications, which can achieve up to 2.5% dimming level and high precision for all loading range. It is a primary side controller without applying any secondary feedback circuit for low cost, and drives the converter in the quasi-resonant mode to achieve higher efficiency. It keeps the converter in peak current control to achieve low power frequency ripple.


  • LED Dimming