SY22656FAC - Single Stage Buck PFC Controller For LED Dimming Lighting


  • Integrated 600V MOSFET
  • High Dimming Accuracy
  • Dimming Range from 5.0% to 100.0%
  • CV Mode for Bias Supply at <2.5% Dimming Signal
  • Valley Turn-on of the MOSFET to Achieve Low Switching Losses
  • Quick Start up <500ms
  • Internal High Current MOSFET Driver: 200mA  Sourcing and 650mA Sinking
  • Low Start up Current: 34μA typical
  • Reliable Short LED and Open LED Protection
  • Power Factor >0.90
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


The SY22656 is a single stage Buck PFC controller targeting at LED lighting applications with PWM or analog dimming. It is a Buck converter integrated a 600V MOSFET. It operates in the quasi-resonant mode to achieve higher efficiency and keeps in constant on time operation to achieve high power factor. It adopts special design to achieve quick start up and reliable protection for safety requirement.


  • LED Lighting