SY28612FKC - Dimming Interface Converter Compatible With 0/1~10V Dimming Resistor Dimming And PWM Dimming Adaptive LED Current Filter


  • Compatible with 0/1~10V Dimming, Resistor Dimming and PWM Dimming
  • Recognize Different Dimming Signal Automatically
  • Integrate a 60V LDO Module to Simplify External Circuit
  • The Source Current for Passive 0~10V Dimmer Can Be Set
  • The Frequency of Output Can Be Set
  • Current Filter for Single Stage LED Driver to Eliminate Current Remover
  • Current Remover Suitable for Dimming Application
  • External MOS for Different Output Specification
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SO14

Typical Application


SY28612 integrate a dimming interface converter whose input signal can be a 0/1~10V dimming signal, resistor, or PWM signal. It recognizes the signal automatically. The final output of SY28612 is a PWM signal which is used to control a dimmable CC regulator or drive an opto-coupler to achieve isolated dimming. The frequency of output PWM signal and the source current to drive passive 0~10V dimmer/Resistor can be set by external capacitor and resistor.

SY28612 integrates an LED current remover to eliminate low frequency current ripple, which is compatible with dimming. It adopts adaptive control scheme and no additional electrical design is needed.


  • LED Lighting