SY7M163G - Single/Poly-phase MAXQ30 SoCs


  • Advanced Metrology
  • Up to Seven Metrology Channels for Polyphase Metering and Up to Four Channels for Single-/ Two-Phase Metering
  • 0.1% Typical Accuracy Over 5000:1 Current Range with Integrated Metrology ADCs
  • Integrated ADCs Support Current Transformers, Rogowski Coils, and Shunts
  • Three Remote ADC Interfaces for Current Sensing with Remote Shunts

  • Dedicated RTC Circuit Ensures Accurate Timekeeping

  • Integrated Security Engines for Secure Smart Metering
  • AES-128/192/256, and AES-GCM-128
  • True Random Number Generator, 3DES
  • On-Chip CE-OnGuard Protects Metering Operations from Unauthorized Access, and Ensures Authenticity of Peripheral Operations
  • Supports Welmec/MID

  • Highly Integrated product features and flexible peripherals support broad application needs
  • Low-Power ADC for Environmental Monitoring
  • SPI (Master and Slave), I2C (Master and Slave), 1x UART, One Smart Card Port, One Touch Switch Input

  • Configurable Operation Modes Save Power
  • 1.6μA SLP Mode (VBAT)
  • 1KB NVRAM in SLP Mode
  • Single-Cycle 32x32 + 64 Multiply-Accumulate Unit for Demanding Signal Processing


The ZON™ M3SX and P3SX (SY7M163G, SY7M166H) integrate dual 32-bit processors and security engines for single-phase (SY7M163G) and poly-phase (SY7M166H/GH) metering applications with up to 256KB flash, 20KB RAM, and a single-cycle 32x32 + 64 multiplier. The application processor (MPU) is a 32-bit MAXQ®30 Core. The metrology processor (or Compute Engine, CE) is a 32-bit processor dedicated to computing the metrology parameters from voltage and current samples. The integrated security engines (AES-128/192/256, AES-GCM-128, DES, TRNG) provide fast data encryption and decryption for secure smart grid communications. One touch switch pin enables capacitive touch detection.

The device family also integrates all the essential metering function blocks: Real-time-clock (RTC) with automatic temperature compensation and multiple serial communication ports (UART, I2C, and SPI).


  • Single phase AMI Metering
  • Energy Monitoring