Silergy's high-efficiency, high-current DC/DC, power modules, input hot swat control device are ideal for high performance video matrix devices.

Modern IP camera design requires many disciplines: imaging, motor control, fast multiple data stream transmission and sophisticated on-board computing. Silergy's wide portfolio of DC/DC, motor control, light sensors, IR-LED drivers and PoE devices are excellent choices for IP camera design. Our solutions support a wide range of designs with low power at an attractive cost.

Large format LED walls are widely used indoors and out for a broad range of applications. Controlling the large LED matrix relies on distributed computing throughout the system, requiring high current DC/DC, DDR power devices, as well as hot-swap and interface protection devices, all part of Silergy's extensive product portfolio.

Widely used in smart home or buildings and handheld devices, IoT modules feature low energy consumption, yet require sophisticated power and data transmission design.  Silergy offers a wealth of low-power, low-EMI power management and protection solutions, as well as low-power wireless Bluetooth solutions for IoT modules.

More convenient and secure than traditional lock, Smart locks provide control via RF, fingerprint, image recognition and more.   Silergy's low-power, high-reliability DC/DC products, Hall and optical sensors, and motor drive solutions as a great match for modern smart lock design.

Elevator control system form the hub of control and communication between floors and even between multiple elevators. These systems increase capacity, utilization and energy efficiency.  LCD based panels with touch sensitive virtual buttons greatly enhance the flexibility of the individual panels. Silergy has a wide array of LCD panel power products, as well as DC/DC and LDO solutions.